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Our expert Portland electrician is professional and well qualified to cover the many different aspects of your residential property’s electrical components. Routine electrical maintenance of the wirings in your home , including the performance of your entire electrical system, will help address potential problems right away, even before become worse.

The electrical contractors at AC Electrical Contractor LLC. can come to your Oregon home and diagnosis any electrical problem you may be experiencing. We specialize in electrical repairs, electrical wiring, generators, lighting and much more. Contact our licensed Portland electrician today for more information on our residential electrical services.

Electrical Safety Inspections
Portland electrical inspectionEach one of our qualified Portland electricians know what to look for, what electrical codes must be followed and how to determine if your electrical equipment is faulty or needs repair.

Home Generators
Portland electrical inspectionA home generator is a power back up device that works to convert mechanical energy to electrical energy so that you can restore electricity to your Portland home in order to continue enjoying electrical service during an outage.

Electrical Wiring
Portland electrical inspectionThe one system that is of greatest concern to home buyers and home owners is the electrical system. Very few home inspectors are qualified to make a complete detailed assessment of an electrical system.

Knob & Tube Wiring
Portland electrical inspectionOur electricians can assess your home and determine if your electrical system uses knob & tube wiring. Once determined, we can replace your old knob & tube wiring with new, safe electrical wiring.

Electrical Repairs
Portland electrical inspectionOne of the most important reasons for hiring a professional electrician for Portland electrical repairs is safety. In order to maintain a safe, efficient home and electrical system, you should never try to attempt electrical repairs by yourself. DIY electrical work can lead to electrocution and even death.

Portland electrical inspectionEvery Oregon home should have proper lighting, inside and out.  Proper Portland lighting installation throughout your home and property will not only provide adequate illumination, but it will make any living space more appealing.

Panel Upgrades
Portland electrical inspectionMany electrical contractors can do some things around the house, but many contractors avoid service panels. In fact, in Oregon, any electrical work performed on your home or building should be provided by an electrical contractor carrying all its required licenses.

Surge Protection
Portland electrical inspectionIn order to maintain your expensive electrical devices, certain preventative measures should be taken to avoid costly repairs or replacement. Home surge protection is vital when it comes to protecting your electronic equipment.

Commercial Electric
Portland electrical inspectionCommercial electrical services don’t have to be costly either. I make sure you know exactly what your cost is going to be BEFORE I begin the work. There are no hidden charges and no miscellaneous fees.

New Construction
Portland electrical inspectionWhen constructing a new commercial space or home, there is a lot of design and planning that goes into the electrical work. It is crucial that new construction electrical service is done right.

If you are looking for an expert Portland electrician then please call (503) 910-3514 or complete our online request form.